Learn to Ride at LTR at the Coca-Cola Dome

    Tel: +27 83 360 4957

    Email: corne@learntoride.co.za



How it works:


    The cost is R350 per hour.

    Lessons are done at the Coca-Cola Dome's overflow parking.

    It normally takes between one to two hours to go through all the exercises.

    Small bikes available to hire for your test at an additional cost of R500.

    (the bike will be dropped and collected at the testing station by LTR)

    Please note: The lessons are held 7 days a week.

K53 License Training


The K53 license training includes simulation of the K53 license test.


Course Info


    Motorcycle and riding gear supplied by LTR

    Only one student taught at a time

    Sessions are maximum two hours long

    Courses offered 7 days a week

    Lessons also available for scooters




Intermediate Course Includes:



           Defensive driving skills

           Incline starts

           Emergency braking

          Slow speed maneuvers

          Traffic riding skills


How it works:


  The cost is R350 per hour.

  To ride your own bike it will take you, on average between 6 – 8 hours.

   Lessons are split into shorter lessons (between 2 – 3 hours) at a time.
   (A whole day of training will put too much strain on your hands and muscles – it is also too much information and concentration).

   LTR will provide the bikes and gear for training.

   Lessons are done at the LTR premises at the Coca-Cola Dome.


Beginner Course Includes:



             Clutch and throttle control

             Cornering and direction changes

             Changing gears


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